Felicia Lush & Ionsea CA/QC

Métropolis 1
August 24, 2018, 22:00 - 03:00
Homing Identities - World premiere: 00:05 - 01:05
The multi-platform A/V performance of Montréal producer Alicia Hush (Felicia Lush) and visual artist Sasha Vreca (Ionsea).
Highly chromatic visual disarray echoing a warped soundscape of anti-establishment basslines and broken beats.
Hushlamb Label Project, Archipel
Alicia Hush : Vervet Underground (2017), The Slightest Inkling (2015)
The MUTEK festival played a key role in Alicia Hush’s decision to relocate to Montreal from Toronto a few years ago.
Alicia Hush: Montréal: 2017, 2016, 2014 (as Yes Ma’am), 2013 (as Yes Ma’am), 2012.
Resident Advisor Felicia Lush

Taking burly basslines and low-end frequencies as its foundational building blocks, Homing Identities is a singularly Dadaist A/V exercise in stunningly orchestrated chaos. By relying on whimsical sound permutations, the multi-platform experience takes on ever-shifting identities, overlaying melodies and patterns from dub, breakbeats, ambient and soft techno. The visual experience—all highly chromatic digital disarray—mirrors the sample-heavy and warmly textured soundscape of an anti-establishment order.

Inspired by field recordings, fairy tales and fragmented beats, Felicia Lush is the shadowy experimental moniker of producer Alicia Hush. For the past decade, the Ontario-bred, Montréal-based Hush has been churning out an array of releases, remixes and live sets steeped in minimal house and crispy funk minimalism, while running Hushlamb, the music label and collective she co-founded. Sasha Vreca (Ionsea) is a Montréal-based visual artist and filmmaker whose practice pushes the limits of media art and installation, while sharing a profound relationship with video and generative practices in production.

After last serving up her exuberant basslines in the Savoy room at MUTEK 2014, Hush returns to the storied space with Vreca to bend expectations, embrace polarities and dazzle patrons with their majestically mutating states, shapes and optically skewed landscapes.

Appears as part of Keychange :: Amplify


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