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Music & Festivals

Festivals de musique: où sont les femmes (bis)?

Tracking the Gender Balance of This Year’s Music Festival Lineups

The Silence Is So Loud: Are Music Festivals Finally Committing to Equality?

Female composers largely ignored by concert line-ups 


Où sont les femmes ? Le programmateur du festival Les Femmes S'en Mêlent répond 

France aims to break male domination of classical music

Festival Data: Tracking the Gender Balance of Music Festivals

Festival stages solely for female artists don’t solve music-industry sexism 

Les promesses et les réalités de la diversité en programmation artistique

Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice

Artists make push for gender equality in music industry with all-female production teams

Women in sound: addressing the music industry’s gender gap

In the Capital of Electronic Music, Women Rule the Scene

Pioneering Canadian Women in Electronic Music 

Art & Culture

What Is Post-Cyberfeminism? Here’s a Primer on the Latest Big Idea to Storm Contemporary Art

Femmes en culture

Industry & Tech

What is an Inclusion Rider?

The Odds That a Panel Would 'Randomly' Be All Men Are Astronomical

CMF announces initiatives to increase the contribution of women 

Égalité hommes-femmes La SODEC crie victoire USD

VIDÉO : Pour Cassie L. Rhéaume, l’intelligence artificielle s’accorde au féminin

More women in the Digital sector: a key to Europe's successful digital future

Web Residents Refiguring the Feminist Future 

Where Are The Women In The Blockchain Network?

Key Canadian industry organizations launch the Diversity of Voices Initiative at the Banff World Media Festival 

AI Is the Future—But Where Are the Women?

NFB Achieves Gender Parity Among Directors Ahead of Schedule 


I'm Not Quoting Enough Women

I Spent Two Years Trying to Fix the Gender Imbalance in My Stories

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?


Study Shows Gender Bias in Science is Real. Here's Why it Matters

Why Men Don’t Believe the Data on Gender Bias in Science

Surprise: Men Still Greatly Outnumber Women in US and UK Arts Publications


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