Play 3
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Monument-National - Studio Hydro-Québec (Basement)

An all-female, Montreal-based collective of experimental electronic explorers and improvisers, Fünf’s five members have been working together in various configurations for many years. Erin Sexton, Émilie Mouchous, Anne-Françoise Jacques, Andrea-Jane Cornell and Magali Babin take a singular, eclectic and DIYapproach to sonic interventions. Their very own analog instrumentarium encompasses amplifiers, receivers and assorted objects they’ve devised, welded or otherwise tampered with, such as homemade synths and oscillators. For MUTEK, the collective performs as an ensemble but also in various solo, duo and trio pairings. Their most minute manipulations with electric knobs and handcrafted gear will be filmed and projected live.


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