Lucas Gutierrez

Lucas Gutierrez (AR)

Digital artist and Industrial Designer based in Berlin.
Currently specialized in real time AV session projects pushing limits with its slightly chaotic style blending influences from motion graphics and industrial design. 
He has participated and exhibited his works in well known festivals such as: Offf-Festival,
Cream- fields BA, Mira Festival, Panoramica Argentina, Genius Loci Weimar, BNT-Trimarchi, among others. 
Member of Fungo project (Lisbon) as the video content director. 
Currently working on several video art projects, lectures, workshops and audiovisual performances that are related to the new paradigms of Digital Culture. 
He has shared stages with artists such as: Clark, Alva Noto & Byenote, Pantha du Prince, Max Cooper, Jeremy P. Caulfield, Atrak, Evian Christ, among others.
His most recent talks and performances were in Sonar+D (Buenos Aires, Argentina), solo exhibition at XS Warsaw (Poland) and CTM / Transmediale Vorspiel (Germany). 

MUTEK 2017, buenos-aires

La Cúpula, CCK


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