(2004-06-03) WORKSHOP 2

McGill University Residence


Day Two - Kontakt

Gurus – Lyle Crilly, Richard Devine

Winner of numerous industry awards and rave reviews from the pro audio press, including being dubbed the "King of Samplers" by Computer Music Magazine in the UK, Kontakt was designed by Native Instruments to be the most powerful sampler ever created.

Kontakt not only offers all the functionality of modern hardware and software samplers, it also adds several groundbreaking enhancements. For ultimate creative control, Kontakt's real-time time stretching and pitch shifting engines manipulate length and pitch independently, and the powerful beat machine adds loop slicing to Kontakt's arsenal. Most importantly, Kontakt's sampler engine is renowned for it's pristine sound and for it's rock solid performance.

Kontakt's incredible array of sound shaping options make it a fully self-contained sound-shaping laboratory.

Options including seventeen high-quality filters, tempo-synced LFOs, flexible multi-breakpoint envelopes, step modulators, and envelope followers.

What we'll cover:

Tutorials and Demos:
1) Building an Instrument
2) Working with Rex files
3) Perfect Looping
4) Building a Modulated Effects Chain

Absynth - Afternoon Session
Is it a synth, or a sampler? By breaking down all barriers through it's revolutionary fusing of synthesis and sampling. Absynth is one of the most forward thinking and exceptional software instruments on the market, and is ideal for creating superbly organic and intoxicating sounds.

Absynth draws its formidable power from a combination of multiple synthesis techniques, granular sampling, and flexible envelope control. A versatile semi-modular architecture and clean interface make it effortless to sculpt everything from explosive textures to rhythmic madness, from time-evolving soundscapes to vintage sounds.

Since nearly every synthesis, sampling, and effect parameter can be controlled by Absynth's envelopes, which in turn can be manipulated with a MIDI controller to morph and twist the sound with a single gesture to create living, breathing soundscapes, Absynth is the ideal live performance synth.

With such unique approaches to sound generation and design, Absynth has firmly established itself as a favourite tool amongst film composers and sound designers and was used extensively Ben Watkins (Juno Reactor) and Greg Hunter for many of the synth parts heard on the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack.

What we'll cover:

Tutorials and Demos
1) Manipulating envelopes
2) Controlling parameters with breakpoint envelopes
3) Building layered, looped rhythmic phrases
4) Performing live with Absynth

Introduction to Traktor DJ Studio
Traktor DJ Studio has rapidly established itself as the "gold standard" of software based DJ performance by allowing DJ´s to take mixing to a completely new level.

A powerful and versatile solution for professional DJ mixing, Traktor DJ Studio exceeds the possibilities of traditional DJ equipment by implementing a vast range of features that only software can provide.

Traktor DJ Studio's rich feature set includes graphic waveform displays, tempo recognition and automatic synchronization, real-time time stretching, cue points and tempo-precise loops, MIDI clock synchronisation and a track database with an ultra fast search function.

All these exceptional features empower DJ's and producers to open up entirely new sonic landscapes within their sets that would be impossible with conventional DJ gear.

What we'll cover in our introduction to Traktor DJ Studio:

Overview of the Traktor mixing environment and feature set including:

- The User Interface
- The Mixer
- Tempo detection
- Track synchronisation
- Filters and Equalisers
- Track database
- Automation and mix export

Tutorials and Demos
-------------------- ------------

1) Creating a beat grid for perfect synchronisation of two tracks.

2) Building beat-precise loops.

3) How to shift and resize a loop during playback without losing the groove.

4) Synchronising Traktor with Reaktor.

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June 03, 2004 09:00 - 17:00

McGill University Residence
3625, avenue du Parc
Montréal, Canada


$30.00 at the door + tx & sc


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