MUTEKLIVE057 - Matmos

MUTEKLIVE057 - Matmos

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March 16, 2011

MUTEKLIVE057 - Matmos

Live @ MUTEK Montréal 2010

The Baltimore-based duo of Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt, who have been recording together as Matmos since 1997, are electronic collage artists with a unique sense of humour and artistry. Their recording techniques may hearken back to the musique concrete of Steve Reich and Luc Ferrari, but their playfulness of rhythm and selections of field recordings inject a dose of contemporary real-world dynamism into their music. Conceptualists on par with sample guru Matthew Herbert, Matmos have spent eight albums crafting pop abstractions from sources as unlikely as clipped hair and body fat left over from plastic surgery.

Arguably breaking through at the start of the decade with their memorable MUTEK 2001 performance, the duo returnede to festival stages after a decade’s absence to showcase just how far they’ve come since then. In between, they have toured extensively with Bjork – a longtime fan of the group – and even produced portions of her albums “Vespertine” and “Medúlla”, both of which bear significant signs of the duo’s conceptual influence. Always ones to flip the script, their latest album, 2008’s “Supreme Balloon”, abandons microphones and recorded music altogether and opts for purely electronic tones as its source material.



Photo by Caroline Hayeur


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