Xavier Lebuis CA/QC

Expérience 2
August 22, 2019, 17:00 - 23:00
Live: 20:25 - 21:25
Montréal-based producer and visual artist Xavier Lebuis, also known as Timbral Fresco
Bright minimal house and techno, jazz-inspired musique concrète and moody electroacoustic sound art
Archipel, Monsieur Musique, Musickollektiv
organEs (2019), say no! To pessimism (2017)
Lubuis looked to the inner workings of a 1970s electric organ for inspiration for his latest release, organEs
Montreal: 2014, 2011, Bogotá: 2014, As Timbral Fresco—Montréal: 2010

Xavier Lebuis's minimal house rolls from seductive techno rhythms into abstract analog melodies, enfolding listeners in a natural flow. Blending an electroacoustic composition style with improvised electronic production, Lebuis connects organic with concrete, festive propulsion with cerebral reflection.

Lebuis has created electroacoustic and sound art since 2003, alongside an interdisciplinary visual art practice that he integrates through thematic concepts and cover art for each release. Searching for a balance between conceptual and uniquely aesthetic, Lubuis focuses his music and art around an idea of sound wave sculpture, fluctuating through ideas, emotions and technology old and new. He's collaborated with sound artist Alexandre Bélair under the moniker Timbral Fresco and his 2011 EP Sibylline was named among Beatport's Top 5 minimal releases in 2011. Lebuis' latest album, set for release in autumn 2019, weaves luminous analog melodies with darkened modular synthesis and standout organ samples to create an altered house-techno reverie.

Lebuis debuts his newest live set at MUTEK, turning material from his concept album organEs into a dreamlike excursion under the sun.

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