Priori CA/QC

Nocturne 6
August 25, 2019, 21:00 - 03:00
Live: 01:40 - 02:40
Montréal-based producer and DJ Francis Latreille (formerly Francis Oak), half of ANF alongside Dust-e-1, part of Housemates alongside literal former housemate Adam Feingold, Jump Source with Project Pablo and Jumanjí with RAMZi
Acid-corroded house; tweaky trance loops, and spaced-out escalating breakbeats
Pacific Rhythm, NAFF, ASL Singles Club, FATi Records
Anform (2018)
Latreille played the big stage at MUTEK in 2014 as part of the live trio version of Iron Galaxy with Adam Hodgins and Dave Shaw

Wide-eyed wonderment is stamped all over Priori’s eclectic variations of techno and IDM— whether it’s acid-corroded progressive house, tweaky trance loops that bubble deeper with every psychedelic repetition, or spaced-out escalating breakbeats, Latreille’s productions consistently pierce the veil of musical reality to open up new spaces.

Raised in the working class neighborhood of Longueuil Quebec, Latreille describes himself as a melancholic post-punk and ambient fan who stumbled into techno through an accidental Kazaa download. The affinity for dance music that followed led to the creation of the Francis Oak moniker, a residency at Montréal’s Le Bleury Bar à Vinyle, and a friendship with Patrick Holland that birthed 2016’s warmly nostalgic Jump Source collaboration. Crediting it as the record that gave him the confidence to pursue music professionally, he moved in alongside future collaborator Adam Feingold and formed Casa Di Ruffino, a combination shed/studio which survived a flood and an overbearing landlord to serve as the home for their Housemates project. It was also ground zero for the NAFF label, whose uncompromising releases show an eccentrically-tuned ear for curation that landed them in Mixmag's Best Labels of 2018 list. While Priori’s collaborations with RAMZi, Feingold, Project Pablo, and Dust-E-1 all showcase a talent for playing off the strengths of others, the common element amongst them is Latreille’s instinct for pacing—knowing just the right classic rave vocal sample that will turn the chill-out room into a frothing blur of movement.

With a live set which explores his subtly emotional sci-fi influenced compositions, Priori takes to the Sunday night closing program to chauffeur a trip into his uncommon sound world.


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