• Paolo Cirio

Workshop: Track, Flag, Ban: Fighting Technologies of Social Manipulation*

From the algorithms that buy and sell our attention, to the devices that shape our interactions: our sociality is increasingly governed—owned—by Big Tech. Every manipulative mechanism: designed and patented. If discrimination, polarization, and addiction are built-in to the majority of our products and services, how do we get rid of them? And how do we develop the vocabulary and ethics to make more equitable tools and platforms in the future? Drawing on archival research scrutinizing dubious Adtech and Silicon Valley practices, this session will help participants gain literacy in how everything from social networks to voice assistants manipulate us emotionally, and shape our perception. Through reviewing key case studies and related group discussion, participants will develop the means to decipher the present and plot paths forward. The session will culminate with an intervention: by printing and posting large-format technology patents (diagramming nefarious design) onsite and nearby, we will alert others to the social manipulation that is rampant throughout contemporary technology.

*This activity is only available to holders of three-day tickets: IMG Passport and IMG Conference Pass. Registration is mandatory and instructions will have been sent by email.

August 20, 2019 15:15 - 17:15
Presented by
  • Holomagazine
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Studio Danse



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