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Guided Tour: ISM Hexadome: A 360˚ Sound Art installation from Berlin — MAC*

The meeting point for the guided tour is the reception area of Les 7 Doigts Studios.

From an Institution for the Global Community
Immersive art and electronic music have emerged as interrelated forms in the public awareness, and the ways in which they are presented together are rapidly evolving. Increasing numbers of artistic works, exhibitions and installations can be found on display in traditional art spaces. Made possible, in part, by growing support and acceptance from a wide range of galleries, museums and institutions—technological developments in this area combined with creative thinking are leading to new initiatives. The Institute for Sound and Music organization (Berlin ISM) has dedicated itself to encouraging this paradigm shift.

In this presentation participants are invited to explore the process of creation within the ISM Hexadome, its mandate, relevance to Berlin, and how the ISM is working to foster connections with sound communities throughout the world.

About the ISM | Institute for Sound and Music e.V.
The Institute for Sound and Music is a public institution dedicated to the culture of sound, immersive art, and electronic music, based in Berlin. To bridge a gap in the current art and cultural landscape, where the medium of sound is under represented as an art form, ISM proposes the development of a space designed for nurturing the disciplines of sound and music. Berlin, a city with increasing status as the world’s epicentre of sound technology deserves a lasting institution. The ISM is built to preserve sound as a living heritage, as well as sustaining the development of contemporary sound and immersive art practices. This institution will demonstrate that sound can play as much of a role in everyday life as visual architecture—through discourse, research, cultivation and presentation, initiated through the ISM Hexadome.

*This activity is only available to holders of three-day tickets: IMG Passport and IMG Conference Pass. Registration is mandatory and instructions will have been sent by email.

August 21, 2019 15:30 - 16:45

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Montréal, Canada

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