Aquarian CA

March 07, 2020, 16:00 - 22:00
Live: 21:00 - 22:00
Canadian born, Berlin based music producer, Aquarian
Breaks, Bass, Rave
The Snake That Eats Itself (Bedouin Records 2020), AQXDM-Infrared EP (Houndstooth 2019)

Canadian born artist Aquarian has made a name for himself for his blend of transatlantic sound, influenced by old school jungle, UK grime and Drexcyian electro. Currently based in Berlin (after a stop in NYC) he broke out back in 2012 with a trio of records and has since released through his own culinary-rave imprint, Hanger Management.

His raw style composed of arresting and immediate music aimed at the dance floor with a high energy and eclectic mixing style, has found it's way to Berghain, De School or Tresor, with a recent standout mix for a Dekmantel's podcast series. His Infrared EP (Houndstooth 2019) as AQXDM, a collaborative project with Deapmash, perfectly depicts the forward, hybrid sound of mutated strains of rave music that you can expect from Aquarian.

Aquarian makes his full length album debut in 2020 with ¨The Snake That Eats Itself¨ on Bedouin Records. The record is his first solo release since his 2016 experimental mixtape for Quiet Time. 

Aquarian will debut live in Barcelona as part of the PLAY program at Fabrica Estrella Damm.

Presented with the support of the Embassy of Canada in Spain.



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